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Jawa's Depot

Modular Audio FX for cosplay

Modular Audio FX for cosplay

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Complete kit, ready to wear.

Here is a complete kit of Adafruit Audio FX that has been assembled and installed for your cosplay need. Included 8 finger switches that is modular. Also installed 28mm speaker if you don't like carrying external amplifier. Eight switches are sewn hidden under elastic band to ensure security. The soundboard is capable of up to 11 switches and you can plug with your own switches solution when needed (JST connector) such as gauntlet's keypad buttons etc.


  • Soundboard Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board + 2x2W Amp - WAV/OGG Trigger -16MB
  • Custom designed 3D printed chassis by Jawa's Depot
  • Battery holder for Li-ion 14500 rechargeable (not included)
  • On-board 28mm 2W 4ohm speaker
  • Audio output jack for external amp
  • Two 4-switches finger elastic band for up to 8 triggers
  • Extra long wires for positioning flexibility (9 inches from soundboard, 7 inches for switches)
  • Large surface for mounting the chassis (glue, velcro, magnets, etc)

Do not include:

  • External Amplifier
  • Battery Li-ion 14500 
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