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Double-Bladed custom mod KY Lightsaber T3 Turbine

Double-Bladed custom mod KY Lightsaber T3 Turbine

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This is my take on modding KY Lightsaber T3 Turbine, a double-bladed lightsaber inspired by Cal Kestis' lightsaber. Equipped with single Proffieboard, single 18650 battery and fast access to the internals.

Main blade shroud are left unweathered so the new owner can do personalized etching if he/she desires. So does the grip shroud, it was primed-airbrushed-sanded-airbrushed-varnished-wetsanded-sealed-wetsanded again for durability and weathered look. But easily removed with acetone if you wished to do custom finishing.
It's beefy and not too thick, outer diameter of the grip section is 1.5 inch with internal diameter of 1.14 inch. So it was a tight install given the extra thick wires from the pommel side while still includes a board cover.
Custom made motorized razor blade plugs are included. 

Base hilt K.Y. Lightsaber T3 Turbine
Proffieboard 3.9
Removeable 18650 battery
Kill switch
PCB card activation PWR & AUX
SCWX NPXL ECO short on main, long on secondary
SCWX Crystal Chamber with real quartz crystal
SCWX OLED display
Motorized razor plug on both sides

With double-bladed set up, expect half of your normal battery life. I have done the test and this will drain your battery in 20 minutes with 2 colors at maximum brightness.

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