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Elf Sabers

Maul Double-Bladed TPM TCW

Maul Double-Bladed TPM TCW

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Choose your variant:

  • TPM, or
  • TPM weathered, or
  • TCW

 Awesome accurate replica of Darth Maul TPM and Maul TCW lightsabers. Made by ELF Sabers.

Key features:

  • Installed Proffieboard 2.2
  • 7/8" blade holders
  • removable chassis
  • kill switch
  • TPM side has crystal reveal at pommel end
  • Ventress side has crystal chamber near the emitter
  • Includes Coupler
  • Includes 18650 battery charger

Does not include:

  • 7/8" pixel blade
  • Battery li-ion 18650

TPM weathered variant was inspired by screen used prop that has matte resin texture on the body and polished emitter. We achieved this by sand blasting the body  and  weathered it for in-universe feel.

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